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Researched and prepared by Adelante SCM’s analyst Adrian Gonzalez and presented by PINC, the 2020 State Of Yard Management Report theme is The Impact Of Digital Yard Management on Enterprise Transportation Costs and Capacity.

There are many factors that influence transportation costs, but there is one that many companies overlook: the link between yard management, driver detention, and freight rates. -Adrian Gonzalez

The report brings clarity to key industry questions such as “how important is having digital yard management capabilities in helping you achieve transportation objectives?” And “how much do you estimate you would save annually in overall transportation costs by digitizing your yard operations across the network?”

Renowned industry analyst Adrian Gonzalez and PINC’s CEO, Matt Yearling, will review the report’s results during the online event and will bring insights into what industry-leading companies are doing to gain agility and reduce transportation costs during one of the most challenging years of the century.

The report will be sent to all atendees and will be available for download after the webinar.


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