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Why You Need Enterprise Logistics for Your Next YMS

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Nov 10, 2015 5:30:18 PM

Enterprise logistics

Many software vendors offer a version of a Yard Management System (YMS) as an extension to their Warehouse Management System (WMS). Instead of looking at the enterprise logistics, they typically define the YMS requirements from the warehouse perspective and only care about locating a trailer and moving it to a dock door. They often position the YMS as a sub-component of their WMS, thereby limiting the operational value that enterprise logistics solutions can provide.

In today’s complex supply chain environment it is common for shippers and 3PL’s to have WMS’s from multiple vendors. So having a YMS that only works with a specific vendor’s WMS is not a benefit, even if the YMS is included at no additional cost.

Yards are complex environments that play a critical role as the nexus between transportation and the warehouse, which is why enterprise logistics are so crucial to success. A YMS needs to adapt to the specific objectives for each yard it serves.

The YMS needs to understand dependent relationships between facilities and their key yard operations that need to be optimized and monitored. The YMS needs to have enterprise logistics solutions across all yards with transparent KPI’s and integration with existing backend systems (WMS, TMS or ERP). This allows you to benchmark individual operations and drive best practice adoption across an entire organization.

An enterprise or a 3PL that deploys a YMS that is dependent upon just one vendor’s WMS limits their flexibility and places the organization at a competitive disadvantage. Bringing in advanced enterprise logistics will only help you and your company succeed.

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Rafael Granato
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