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The 4 C’s of Supply Chain Execution (SCE)

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Aug 20, 2014 10:31:00 AM

C1: Convergence. To get a complete picture of SCE, you need to have visibility across Transportation, Yard and Warehouse management functions.

C2: Collaboration: You have to enable collaboration (based on single-source-of-truth) between the third-parties involved in SCE including shippers, carriers, drivers and 3PLs

C3: Consistency: IT systems need to be integrated so you can get a coherent, real-time view across existing planning and scheduling systems. Integration is the key to connecting the dots between inbound shipments, yard movements and warehouse activity so you can streamline check-in, assign dock doors, or drops, minimize moves and close out a visit to the warehouse when the outbound shipment departs the facility

C4: Cloud. Distributed systems create islands of data.  The cloud provides unprecedented availability, secure accessability and flexible integration to enable the C's above.   

PINC’s Enterprise Visibility Suite delivers on all these fronts by following shipments across facilities (as shown in the image below) and allows enterprises to view multiple facilities side-by-side against criteria such as departure time variance and dwell time   overview

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Rafael Granato
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