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Supply chain predictability for the great outdoors

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Jan 7, 2015 5:47:48 PM


I cannot be the only person who thinks it’s odd that manufacturers and retailers go to great lengths to optimize operations inside their facilities, yet have little control over the flow of goods immediately outside the walls of their manufacturing plants and distribution facilities.  

Yard management systems add a lot of value here by driving predictability, which is not a requirement many ask for. Receiving supervisors can predict arrivals by knowing what shipments are destined for their facility and its location on-route. Outbound supervisors can predict equipment needs, so they can allocate trailer types based on the empties on-hand and inbound.

Trailers are used for storage as an extension to the warehouse. Having current knowledge about what manufacturing parts and supplies are stored in the yard and inbound to the facility is critical for optimizing safety stock levels to avoid disruptions to manufacturing. Vehicle manufactures use PINC sensors inside manufacturing plants to track final vehicle assembly and finishing exceptions to minimize the time it takes to locate vehicles when missing components arrive.

For retailers, PINC tracks dwell times of loaded trailers making it easy for distribution center managers to track approaching deadlines to ensuring they depart in time to meet customer appointments schedules.

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Rafael Granato
Written by Rafael Granato
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