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Leaders Embrace Data Driven Supply Chain Control Towers

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Jan 2, 2015 3:40:00 PM


Bob Trebilcock published a fascinating article at Supply Chain 247 entitled, “What Does it Take to Remain a Supply Chain Leader?” It features interviews with Intel, P&G, Unilever and Cisco, and shares how they created instrumentation to feed information to centralized operations and supply chain control towers. This operational data enables them to respond faster to customer demand, while still gaining economies of scale. And they are not the only ones who benefit from doing so. At PINC, we have been busy enabling operational data collection in yards and over the road to feed control towers for our customers. Whatever industry your supply chain operation supports, the need to collect real-time event information at low cost is a foundational need.

Automating data collection on the road and in the yard

Newer, lower cost sensors are finding their way into supply chains and their control tower software. These include passive RFID tags for trailers and telematics that are built into vehicles to gather over-the-road shipment locations. Maintaining inventory on what trailers are in the yard and their location can be automated by RFID tagging them and instrumenting yard management of trucks to automatically read tags as they move trailers around. This approach has the benefit of continuously verifying where trailers are, but relies on visits to distant corners of the facility to ensure currency of all location data.

To ensure full yard coverage, we are developing low-cost drone based readers or digital assistants we call “PINC Air” to perform regular scheduled tours of the entire facility to confirm where assets are.

Feeding Control Towers

Bob’s article talks to the importance of getting reliable logistical data from connected supply chains control tower software. It forms the foundation of these leading companies’ strategies for using big data and analytics to make decisions in real time and respond to changes in demand and conditions.

Leaders recognize the need to get a holistic, enterprise-wide view of their supply chain control towers to drive further customer service improvements. Feel free to contact us today to learn more.

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Rafael Granato
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