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Robotics Leaders Join Forces at ProMat 2019

Amanda Correa
by Amanda Correa on Mar 28, 2019 18:32:39 PM


As markets demand not only efficiency but agility and flexibility from supply chains, next-generation models are successfully combining robotics, automation, and digital technologies to drive superior performance.

According to MHI and Deloitte, there are two primary well known forces driving investments in technology in the supply chain and logistics industry: Customer demands and workforce shortage. More recent challenges, such as the national warehouse vacancy rate hovering at record lows and warehouses bloated with inventory pulled in from China during 2018 to get ahead of impending tariffs, have emerged creating an even more demanding environment.

For these reasons, proper inventory management—accompanied by the ability to move inventory throughout the supply chain at a high velocity and lower cost—has become a must-have in today’s business climate.

Experts agree that as autonomous robot hardware and software continues to improve over the next 10 years, robots can provide a competitive advantage for companies. Through improvements in sensors, dexterity, artificial intelligence, and trainability. However, the day when “robots take over the universe” isn’t coming anytime soon, but the idea of humans and robots working side by side is already coming to fruition in factories and on warehouse floors worldwide.

For companies that aren’t already using autonomous robots for example, launching a strategy can be intimidating. It sounds expensive, for starters, and the idea of putting robots on an assembly line, in a warehouse, out on a dock, or in the yard can be downright daunting.

To help you during this process, the leaders in the robotics space, including 6 River Systems, RightHand Robotics, Magazino, Tompkins Robotics, IAM Robotics and PINC, created the Passport to the Future: Robotics in the Supply Chain to enhance your ProMat experience. More than a game, this is a fun and exciting way to educate yourself on key trends and technologies available to help you succeed in the next decade. And, of course, win prizes at ProMat this year.

Grab your passport in one of the participating booths or with one of our staff members at the show floor. Click in the links below to see the location of the booths at ProMat. PINC – Booth #S4279

6 River Systems – Booth #S3983

RightHand Robotics – Booth #S2397

Magazino – Booth #S2897

Tompkins Robotics – Booth #S4250

IAM Robotics – Booth #S4679

PINC will be showcasing the latest trends in digital yard management and inventory robotics solutions in our booth #S4279. Also, I’d like to invite you to stop by one of PINC’s educational sessions, presented by our CEO, Matt Yearling.

.: Warehouse Drones For Automated Inventory Management
Monday, April 08 @ 12:45 pm  •  Location: Theater H

.: Bionic Supply Chain: The Human, Robotics, Drones Inventory Management Workforce
Tuesday, April 09 @ 1:30 pm  •  Location: Theater G

.: Automating Your Inventory Management With Drones So It’s 100 Times Faster
Tuesday, April 09 @ 3:00 pm  •  Location: RoboBusiness Theater

.: Warehouse Drones For Automated Inventory Management
Thursday, April 11 @ 12:00 pm  •  Location: Theater I

If you haven’t done it yet, you can register for free by clicking here. You can also schedule a meeting with us at the show by clicking here. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Amanda Correa

Written by Amanda Correa

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