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PINC Named as a Leading Food Logistics Provider

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Dec 17, 2015 17:00:00 PM

Top 100 food logistics provider badge awarded to PINC for yard management excellence

“PINC Named on the Food Logistics 2015 FL100+ Annual List of Software and Technology Providers”

PINC Named on the Food Logistics 2015 FL100+ List

On December 2015 in Alameda, Calif., the Food Logistics publication announced the release of their twelfth annual FL100+ list which was to appear in the November-December 2015 issue of the magazine. In this edition, PINC was included on the list for a seventh year as one of the industry leaders in food logistics solutions.

In response to this honor, the CEO of PINC Matt Yearling mentioned some of PINC’s specific contributions to the field of food supply chain solutions and expressed his pleasure at the company being recognized once again on the list:

“This year PINC delivered new capabilities for managing automated gate, dock appointments, and reefer management which is why leading grocery retailers selected PINC’s yard management and supply chain execution solutions. We are thrilled to be recognized for a seventh year as a leading supplier to the Food and Beverage industries.”

The Influential Role of Food Logistics

The Food Logistics magazine is the only publication worldwide that is centered exclusively on the global food and beverage supply chain and food logistics solutions. In the FL100+ list, it recognizes the top supply chain software and technology providers. In 2015, the competition for a spot on the FL100+ resource list was stronger than any other year with a record 150+ companies applying. By appearing on the list, PINC can extend their reach and reputation around the world as an industry leader in automated food logistics solutions.

Software and Technology Are Revolutionizing the Food Industry

At the release of the FL100+ 2015, the editor-in-chief at Food Logistics Lara L. Sowinski commented on the role of technology in the food sector:

“Developments in the software and technology sector are generating new opportunities for growers, food manufacturers, grocery retailers and the many logistics providers that support them. Moreover, cloud-based solutions and mobile connectivity are helping create tools that are more flexible, affordable and responsive, making software and technology even more valuable to those in the global food supply chain.”

At PINC, we are proud to be a leader in developing automated food logistics solutions for a faster, more efficient supply chain.

PINC: Innovative Food Supply Chain Solutions for Optimized Delivery

PINC is a supply chain execution company that makes over-the-road freight networks more efficient by optimizing processes in the supply chain from dock-door to dock-door. We have a pervasive network of sensors that captures data in real time and generates detailed analytics and insights into the operations of your delivery systems.

Our advanced yard management and food logistics solutions are the choice of leading world brands, who with our help have been able to orchestrate and optimize shipments of freight across their supply chains and partner networks. We have firmly placed the company as the pioneer of real-time location systems (using the Internet of Things) and offer our customers forward-thinking solutions to improve service and collaboration, optimize inventory, increase speed, and optimized utilization of assets and the workforce.

Find out more by contacting us, and discover what our food logistics solutions can do for you.

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Rafael Granato

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