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PINC managed the execution of 6.4 million shipments in 2014

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Jun 3, 2015 5:03:00 PM

PINC’s network brought real-time visibility to more than 6 million road freight shipments across the US, Canada and Latin America last year.


Our advanced yard management system (YMS) enabled leading brands  to close the loop in shipment planning, accelerate order fulfillment cycles, and reduce their transportation costs.

Freight service demand is increasing, the demand for transportation-focused technologies is also growing, driving the need for visibility. The collaboration of transportation management systems (TMS) and advanced yard management systems (YMS) can provide accurate shipment data and continuous real-time visibility to take the guesswork out of transportation management and shipment.

PINC’s advanced yard management system (YMS) offers continuous visibility for transportation assets. That means data and asset location are not updated once a day, or once an hour, but continually. Continuous visibility in the yard enables the YMS to track the journey of a trailer from its pending arrival to the exact time of its departure. An advanced YMS also knows all about all the assets in the yard including door type, load type, carrier, size, history, and location. With continuous visibility dock managers can assign the right trailer to the right shipment, transportation managers track the location and progress of trailers, and operations managers enjoy an efficiently run yard.

With integration, PINC YMS and TMS can close the loop in shipment planning by creating a seamless series of moves from source to destination. The YMS controls the gate or means to check-in an asset. If the TMS shares the BOL and dock appointment with YMS as the trailer enters the yard, the YMS can verify that the shipment is correct upon the trailer’s arrival. The shared data integration provides more accurate data by eliminating manual data entry. With advanced information, the check-in process goes smoothly with less likelihood of shipment delays and exceptions.

When Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) combine pending arrivals data with PINC Solutions’ asset visibility and shipment details, destination facilities can plan more efficiently for pending drop and live shipment loads. The gate guard quickly checks-in the asset and directs it to a drop location. PINC Advanced YMS determines where and when to pick up the trailer. For a live load, both systems can work to ensure that the dock door and labor are available. The driver checks-out in record time. A TMS/YMS collaboration can take the wasted time, delays, and fees out of transportation management.

PINC’s Advanced Yard Management System (YMS) is positioned to determine the best-sized asset in the yard for a shipment and to reduce the time that a driver waits in the yard for shipments. The end result is higher margins, reduced idling time, better use of equipment and drivers, and expedited door-to-door shipments. With TMS/YMS integration, customers can now focus on assets and shipments both on the road and across their entire network of facilities. Trading partners can now collaborate in real-time to lower transportation costs while escalating the movement of shipments across the supply chain.

According to the the latest shipment information in PINC’s cloud based platform, 2015  shipments will exceed last years, so we can look forward to delivering greater value to our customers.

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Rafael Granato
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