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PINC managed the execution of 6.4 million shipments in 2014

Amanda Correa
by Amanda Correa on Jun 4, 2015 00:03:00 AM


In 2014, PINC’s real-time visibility network oversaw more than 6 million road freight shipments and their successful transit across the US, Canada, and Latin America. Learn more about our innovative shipping solutions for the digital era.

Close the Loop with PINC’S Yard Management System

The cutting-edge yard management system (YMS) that we have developed at PINC is allowing leading brands to optimize their shipment management by closing the loop between shipment planning and execution. The results are quicker order fulfillment cycles and lower transportation costs.

With an increasing demand for freight services, there is a growth in the need for transportation-focused shipping solutions such as visibility. When transportation management systems (TMS) and advanced yard management systems (YMS) are connected, accurate shipment data and continuous real-time visibility make the shipment process much more precise and remove the need for guesswork.

Continuous Visibility of Assets

Shipping solutions such as the premium yard management system (YMS) from PINC offers companies unbroken visibility of transportation assets—meaning that data and asset location are updated all the time. With the help of this continued visibility, the YMS can track each trailer from its expected arrival to the exact moment it departs.

Our advanced YMS is also connected to all of the yard assets with details such as door type, load type, carrier, size, history, and location. All of this information helps dock manages to assign the correct trailer to the correct shipment, transportation managers to see the moment-by-moment location of trailers, and operations managers to reap the benefits of an efficient yard. It also removes the need for manual data entry and the margin for error associated with it.

Integrated Yard and Transportation Management Systems

By integrating YMS and TMS shipping solutions, our high-tech systems can close the shipment management loop by creating a seamless series of moves from source to destination. Not only does the YMS control the gate or check-in asset but can also verify that the shipment is correct upon the trailer’s arrival if it has the BOL and dock appointment information provided to it by the TMS.

Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) can combine pending arrivals data with the asset visibility and shipment details from PINC for more efficient planning at the destination facility. The resulting decisions about pending drop and live shipment loads can mean record times and lower transportation fees.

Optimize Your Yard with Shipping Solutions from PINC

With PINC’s Advanced Yard Management System, you will always be able to identify the best asset for a shipment and reduce the time drivers spend waiting around. As a result, your yard can enjoy higher margins, reduced idling time, better use of equipment and drivers, and expedited door-to-door shipments.

The integration of TMS and YMS in shipment management allows customers to focus on assets and shipments on the road and in the facilities across their network. This enables real-time collaboration between trading partners for faster shipments and lower costs. 2015 has seen more shipments than last year thanks to PINC’s innovative technologies.

Contact us to find out what our cutting-edge shipping solutions can do for your bottom line.

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Amanda Correa

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