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PINC Announces Enterprise Supply Chain Orchestration Solutions Powered by the Internet of Things

Amanda Correa
by Amanda Correa on May 21, 2014 16:00:00 PM

Meet Version 4 of the Enterprise Visibility Suite from PINC

On the 21st of May, 2014 in Alameda, California, PINC announced the launch of the Enterprise Visibility Suite, Version 4. This cloud-based platform presents an integrated solution to supply chain challenges by tracking and managing millions of trailer journeys each year with an extensive sensor network of more than 100,000 devices and customer data feeds.

This interchange of machine-to-machine data in real time represents a key driver for the Internet of Things and the associated “smart” capabilities that this technology has to offer. By aggregating all of this data with the Enterprise Visibility Suite, logistics managers can optimize the execution of their supply chains across their networks and those of their trading partners.

The Benefits of IoT Supply Chain Sensor-Based Management

With PINC’s Advanced Yard Management System as the foundation, Enterprise Visibility Suite meets today’s increasing supply chain challenges by adding the ability to compile operational sensor data into a central cloud-based platform. This information provides:

  • Centralized command and control for asset visibility and status
  • System of record for all trailer, shipment-related activities
  • Trailer pool management across an enterprise
  • End-to-end analytics of shipment dwell times, across locations
  • Real-time visibility and status of what is transacting across a network, available to all related trading parties
  • Set, measure, compare and optimize performance KPIs across a network of facilities
  • Enable process improvement across all enterprise locations and into extended partner network

The end result is a smarter and more efficient process that meets the supply chain challenges of the digital era and provides better value to customers.

Leading Retailers Are Enjoying Increased Shipment Visibility

             “I now have a simple, powerful, and centralized view of KPI-based best practice compliance in real-time across all of my facilities,” said a Logistics Manager at a leading retailer. “At a glance I can see shipments that are approaching their departure times and take action before customers are impacted.”

Matt Yearling, the CEO of PINC, explained the reach of these innovative solutions:

             “This innovation in supply chain management, harnesses the power of our extensive sensor network. Our industry leading customers rely on systems by PINC to achieve operational excellence across their facilities.”

Contact PINC to Solve Your Supply Chain Challenges

As the leading supply chain execution company, PINC orchestrates millions of shipments every year for global brands and small yards—providing scalable, cloud-based solutions that can make yards and networks more efficient.

How do we do this? By utilizing IoT supply chain management in conjunction with an extensive sensor network, autonomous drones, and RFID and GPS technologies, we offer real-time visibility of all of your company’s assets and inventory.

Contact us today to learn how the Enterprise Visibility Suite can help your company to overcome supply chain challenges, achieve faster turnaround times, and reduce costs.

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Amanda Correa

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