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PINC and Tsol form a strategic alliance to provide the number-one selling Yard Management System (YMS) in Mexico

Rafael Granato
by Rafael Granato on Dec 12, 2017 5:07:48 PM

Union City, CA & Mexico City - December 12, 2017 - PINC, the number-one provider of yard management systems (YMS),  finished vehicle logistics, and inventory robotics solutions to the world's largest brands, announced today a partnership with Tsol, a boutique consulting company that offers supply chain technology solutions to customers in Latin America. Tsol will be a strategic partner for PINC, representing and reselling the company’s yard management solution in Mexico.

Since 2004, industry leading organizations have been using PINC to overcome yard and supply chain execution challenges, from small facilities to large enterprises with multiple locations. PINC delivers scalable cloud-based yard management, enterprise visibility, and asset tracking solutions that leverage an extensive Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network, including passive RFID, GPS, optical, and cellular technologies, to capture and share real-time information.

PINC’s yard management system can be delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) only system or a SaaS plus hardware solution; both models eliminate the need for two-way radios, clipboards, spreadsheets, and manual systems to manage yard and transportation assets. The solution is adaptable and scalable,  addressing the needs of a single location or an enterprise network.

The relationship with Tsol will extend the reach of PINC to a wider client-base in Mexico. The two companies will focus on increasing collaboration, optimizing inventory, accelerating velocity, improving asset utilization, and automating business processes at manufacturing plants and distribution centers. 

“Tsol will be an important partner for PINC,” says Matt Yearling, CEO of PINC. “Their credibility and expertise will be instrumental in expanding PINC’s yard management system and supporting existing and new customers in Mexico.”

“Our entire team in Mexico is excited about this new relationship with PINC,” says Erik Markeset , CEO of Tsol.  Their solutions expand our offer of “best of bread” solutions in TMS and WMS with Oracle and HighJump, adding the leading stand-alone YMS to our portfolio.  The growing number of mega-manufacturing sites in Mexico, especially our huge automotive sector, will see significant productivity gains through the introduction of this technology.  Moreover, scalability will put the same solution within the reach of other industries who need a robust YMS and asset tracking solution.”

About PINC

PINC provides scalable software, hardware, and services that enable companies to locate and move inventory through their supply chain faster, more cost-effectively, and more efficiently. The company's cloud-based real-time asset tracking platform, powered by an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network that includes passive RFID, GPS, optical, cellular, and other sensors, provides actionable insights and connected expert guidance that allow companies to optimize their supply chain execution. Learn more about PINC at 

About Tsol

Tsol is a boutique consulting firm that provides technology solutions focused on improving Supply Chain performance. The company generates value through a committed and collaborative approach to improving supply chain performance with technology solutions.

Tsol, sells and implements a range of systems solutions, including transportation and warehouse management systems, to improve the quality of logistics services and reduce operational costs.  Learn more about Tsol at

Click here to read the original press release in Spanish. 

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Rafael Granato
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