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PINC Air Elevates Supply Chain Execution to New Heights

Amanda Correa
by Amanda Correa on Nov 14, 2014 15:48:00 PM


PINC Air Announced—Discover our Drones for Inventory Control

On the 14th of November, 2014 in Alameda, California (PRWEB), PINC was proud to announce the launch of PINC Air. This innovative development in inventory tracking tools technology takes the idea of using drones for last-mile delivery and uses it to address challenges in upstream logistics.

As the world’s number-one provider of advanced yard management and supply chain execution solutions—powered by the Internet of Things (IoT)—PINC seeks to continue pushing forward in finding new ways to make supply chains more efficient.

This new development will enable manufacturers to keep an accurate and timely inventory of supplies and a high-value finished product, whether situated in high-density holding areas or distributed over large facilities. With our drones for inventory control, companies can efficiently and effectively survey a wide area to autonomously locate and inventory assets.

Innovative Features for the Location of Assets

Our drones for inventory control are ideal for applications including tracking trailers, finished vehicles, heavy machinery and oil exploration supplies.

The features of our aerial robotic devices include:

  • Fully autonomous flight
  • Automatic collision avoidance
  • Return to home and auto landing
  • Industrial grade components
  • Automatic RFID data collection
  • Optional video capture

With these comprehensive capabilities, PINC Air has the potential to transform warehouse inventory management and take companies’ supply chains to new heights in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.

What our CEO Has to Say

At the announcement of PINC Air, PINC CEO Matt Yearling highlighted the importance of drones for inventory control and explained how this new application is driving asset-tracking capabilities forward at an industry level:

“PINC Air represents yet another industry first, building upon our significant and patented* innovations in supply chain execution. This product addresses a real need for many of our customers operating at significant scale, in delivering high-value low-cost asset tracking capabilities, especially in heavy manufacturing and large lay-down yard situations.”

As a totally new usage for drones in supply chains, PINC Air represents yet another way in which PINC is continuing to lead the industry and pioneer cutting-edge solutions for its clients.

Update Your Inventory Tracking Tools with PINC

As a world industry leader in cutting-edge supply chain solutions, PINC is thrilled to be breaking new ground with our drones for inventory control. Our cloud-based real-time location systems (using the Internet of Things) opens up new possibilities for the visibility of assets and provides companies with a way to provide services that are faster and more efficient.

Contact us to discuss ways in which our robotic inventory technologies could transform your company’s supply chain today.

*PINC has three patents on its Real Time Location System (RTLS), which combines passive RFID and GPS sensors. These patents are registered as: 7321305, 7245215, and 7236091.

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